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Looking To the Future of the Legal Profession

Cartiga aims to transform the legal industry with cutting edge analytics and machine learning solutions that will help law firms better identify and evaluate claims, while maximizing litigation outcomes and customer experience.

We are gathering and analyzing large amounts of data about lawsuit outcomes, the variables that drive those outcomes, and the risks presented when the case takes too long and costs too much to resolve.

Our data will inform law firms on how to manage lawsuits more efficiently and economically, while making the legal process more transparent and improving the customer’s litigation experience.

Better Understand Law Firms and the Legal Market

We are developing customized analytics programs that will provide more transparency and information about:

  • The range of likely outcomes and the probable value of a personal injury case
  • Key variables that likely will drive that outcome and value
  • How to reduce durational risks in those cases — the risk that cases go on too long and cost too much to prosecute
  • Unit economics of cases, and internal rates of return for lawyers and clients
  • Ways to manage the prosecution of cases more efficiently and economically from a financial point of view

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Lead Generation & Marketing Technology

We are focused on connecting consumers with meritorious claims with attorneys with expertise in prosecuting those claims. We will use machine learning to enhance this experience for law firms and consumers.

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