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Consumer legal funding, also known as Plaintiff Funding, Pre-settlement, Funding, or Post-settlement funding, provides cash to individuals pursuing legal claims who need money to pay household and medical bills immediately. Legal funding is non-recourse. That means that individuals do not have to repay the funding they receive unless they get a favorable settlement on their claim or win their lawsuit.

If you have a legal claim and are represented by an attorney, you are eligible for consumer legal funding. For example, if you were injured in a car, accident, or suffer a slip and fall injury, and are pursuing a claim or a lawsuit through an attorney, you can apply for consumer legal funding.
Cartiga offers funding to cover personal living and medical expenses while your attorney pursues your legal claim. You do not have to bring a lawsuit to be eligible for consumer legal funding so long as you have a valid legal claim.
Cartiga will be paid from the proceeds of your settlement or lawsuit if you achieve a favorable resolution. You do not pay out of pocket for your consumer legal funding.
You have the discretion to use consumer legal funding to pay for a variety of household and medical bills while you are pursuing your legal claim. For example, you can use funding to pay for your groceries, car payments, rent or mortgage, utilities, and other personal bills, as well as for medical bills, and transportation cost to and from your doctor.
We encourage you to speak with your attorney before deciding to apply for consumer legal funding. Your attorney can help you evaluate whether funding is right for you, and if so what funding is appropriate.
The amount of consumer legal funding that you receive will depend on the strength and size of your legal claim and your personal financial needs. We will ask you for information about your claim and your expenses before we approve your funding application.

You must fill out a short online form or call our customer support team at (888) 822-7844 for help. We will then work with you and your attorney to evaluate your needs. Once approved, funds can be transferred to you in as little as 24 hours.

No, generally Cartiga purchases an interest in the potential settlement money of a plaintiff’s case. If the case is lost, you do not owe Cartiga any money.

Some states do treat the funding as a loan:

Cartiga is a licensed Supervised Lender in the State of Missouri.

The maximum interest rate for Cartiga’s loans in the State of Missouri will not exceed 60%. The maximum fees charged by Cartiga in Missouri will be an origination fee of 10% of the principal loan amount not to exceed $100.00, plus (depending on the delivery method chosen), a delivery fee not to exceed $50.00.

Types of Funding We Offer:

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