Affiliates & Partnerships

Building relationships and growing businesses.​

At Cartiga, we pride ourselves on building relationships and expanding our community. We invite interested parties to participate in our partner programs to grow their businesses.

Medical Providers

Cartiga pays directly for medical procedures, surgeries, deductibles, and health insurance policies. We help meet the needs of attorneys, plaintiffs, and medical providers by paying medical providers upfront, so that patients/plaintiffs can receive necessary medical care and ensure they are fully compensated for their injuries

Our professional and dedicated staff does all the work. We combine the bills into one transaction and pay the providers directly.

Our medical partner program provides an opportunity if you are a medical facility or doctor who works with personal injury cases. Together we can help personal injury law firms and their clients obtain necessary medical treatments.

  • Surgeries/Procedures
  • Medication
  • Health Insurance Policies
  • Copays/Deductibles

Attorney Connection Referrals

For years, attorneys have asked us to identify law firms and other attorneys we know and trust in different states or jurisdictions.

We can connect your with top-rated lawyers if your firm lacks the necessary resources to handle a complex case, or you have a case outside your area of expertise.

Having developed strong relationships with attorneys nationwide, we have become recognized leaders in connecting attorneys in states or cities where they do not practice or have expertise and concentrations in specific case types.

  • 50,000+ Attorneys Relationships
  • All 50 States