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Lead generation services to help connect individuals with specific case needs to the right attorneys

Our lead generation program will identify and screen individuals who may have meritorious claims and who are seeking superior legal representation, and provide them with better access to justice.

This technology will also provide lawyers with expertise in particular claims the opportunity to connect with potential clients and cases, and reduce law firm’s marketing costs.

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About the Program

We are working with firms to develop our marketing programs to realize the benefits of better identifying claims and potentially connecting clients with qualified attorneys.

Please sign up or speak to a representative to join this program or learn about our upcoming marketing and lead generation tools.

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Transforming the Legal Industry with Machine Learning and A.I.

Our data analytics will inform law firms on how to manage lawsuits more efficiently and economically, while making the legal process more transparent and improving the customer’s litigation experience.

Articles & News

No Sidewalk Duty of Care

A recent decision by the Florida District Court of Appeal addressed the legal duty of a business owner to maintain the City’s sidewalk outside the

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Disclosure of Consumer Legal Funding

In recent years, individual plaintiffs have increasingly utilized consumer legal funding (“Consumer Funding)” in connection with their personal injury claims. Consumer Funding provides money to

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