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We provide working capital for law firms and attorneys to help them manage their cash flows, improve their profitability, and grow their practices. Our funding is based on the quality of cases in a law firm’s portfolio, and the expected returns on those cases. With this financial backing, lawyers are free to maximize results without short term financial pressures. Lawyers can also use this financing to take on new cases, hire more attorneys and staff, and grow into new practice areas.

Our innovative data analytics and marketing technology will enable lawyers more efficiently manage the resources they devote to their cases, better evaluate and optimize litigation outcomes in their cases, and reduce the risk of extended case durations and resulting costs.

Articles & News

No Sidewalk Duty of Care

A recent decision by the Florida District Court of Appeal addressed the legal duty of a business owner to maintain the City’s sidewalk outside the

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Disclosure of Consumer Legal Funding

In recent years, individual plaintiffs have increasingly utilized consumer legal funding (“Consumer Funding)” in connection with their personal injury claims. Consumer Funding provides money to

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