Award Winning Legal Funding

Get Money From Your Pending Lawsuit


Cartiga's funding empowers you in two ways:

  • It provides the money you need to pay personal bills while you wait for your legal claim to resolve
  • It relieves pressure to accept a settlement offer for less than you deserve

Our goal is to streamline the funding process for you

We provide transparent and easy-to-understand funding information so you can make the best decisions regarding the amount of money you will need, and how much you will pay for that funding.

Check out our Funding Calculator to help you and your attorney evaluate your options.

If you don't win, you don't pay.

You will keep all the money you receive from Cartiga, regardless of the result of your legal claim

Types of Funding We Offer:

Consumer Legal Funding

Financial support for individuals in lawsuits that need help with essential life needs

Medical Funding

Direct payment to medical providers for surgeries, medical procedures, co-pays, and deductibles

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What Can I Use My Funding Advance For?

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