Investing in Marketing to Grow Your Legal Practice


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When running a private law practice in a sea of competitors, strategically implementing standout marketing campaigns must be prioritized. But savvy advertising requires a calculated approach: one that separates your firm from the crowd, establishes your credibility, reaches potential clients, and doesn’t break the bank. To determine whether it’s time to craft a targeted marketing campaign, ensure you understand what launching one entails.

Complete an Internal Review

First, look at the resources your firm already provides to potential clients. This includes your website and any communications platforms such as newsletters and social media platforms. Ensure branding, messaging, and tone are consistent and up to date. Make sure all are accessible and easy to use via web browser and mobile. When you begin a marketing campaign, you’ll be linking to these pages often, so they must represent your firm in the most comprehensive and accurate light possible.

Find Faces in the Crowd

Before investing in a marketing campaign, know what you want to accomplish. If you’re looking to expand your portfolio, what type of client do you want to reach? Brainstorm research questions that can help illuminate the right marketing strategy:

  • Where and how do your potential clients find law resources?
  • How can you catch their attention using these mediums?
  • Where are your potential clients located?
  • What kind of language and branding will appeal to your audience?
  • How can you cater your business to their preferences?

With answers in hand, you can tailor your marketing campaign to maximize your chances of connecting with your intended audience. For example, suppose you know your target clients fall into a demographic that often engages with LinkedIn. In that case, that platform might become your top social media priority. If your audience concentrates across a specific region, you can deploy search engine ads that cover those areas exclusively.

Establish Your Benchmarks

Finally, measuring the success of your marketing campaign is key to its short- and long-term success. Once you’ve created and circulated content across your designated marketing streams, it’s essential to gauge their impact. Metrics can provide insight into how many people your marketing efforts are reaching, how long they’re spending on your site or social page, and where they’re looking for more information. Plus, metrics can help you determine how much to budget for further marketing. Before you embark on a costly marketing campaign, be sure you know how you’ll gather metrics. Factor the costs of services like search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, and others into your marketing budget. 

Are you facing a shortage of funds to get this done? Consider legal funding support that provides the capital for critical marketing like this.

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