Cartiga Launches Attorney and Consumer Legal Funding, with Technology Focus on the Horizon

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Ardec Funding, LawCash®, and Momentum Funding® will now do business under a new unified brand, Cartiga.*

New York, NY – Cartiga looks to improve the product offering and customer service provided by three industry-leading legal funding companies. The company’s goal is to transform the legal industry with groundbreaking funding, marketing, and technology solutions focused on speed, transparency, and excellent customer experience.

Cartiga provides consumer legal funding, attorney working capital, and is developing data and technology products that it hopes will change how law firms currently operate. Its mission is to map the way to a better future with fair and innovative solutions that help law firms, and their clients navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and optimize litigation outcomes.

“We think the legal industry isn’t nearly as efficient as it can be.” Says CEO Charlie Platt. “Lawyers work very hard to provide great results for their clients, but we think they could do better if they had better access to technology, analytics, and capital. If we can create large enough pools of information for lawyers to draw statistically reliable samples from, we can better help lawyers understand what cases to bring into their firm and what resources to allocate to them.”

By using technology and historical aggregate data, Cartiga looks to help lawyers and their clients better understand the value of their claims at the beginning of cases, while delivering insights into optimal times to settle and whether or not to take them to trial.


*Consumer legal funding in Illinois will continue to be offered under Momentum Funding until further notice.

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