Advertising Options That Can Lead to New Clients at a Reasonable Cost

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In the busy market, personal injury law firms need to advertise to get noticed. With so many options, it is helpful to know about some cost-effective choices that work.

We live in a noisy world, with sound, video, and words blasting at us from multiple devices at all hours of the day. Getting your personal injury law firm noticed in this environment can be a challenge. While we cannot promise results, we have a few ideas for advertising options and strategies that could bring you new clients without breaking the bank.

Take a Targeted Approach

Regardless of where you choose to spend your advertising dollars, first consider your approach. A targeted campaign can lead to more effective leads and cost a lot less, particularly in a digital environment. Choose a narrow geographical area. Aim at clients dealing with specific types of injuries or accidents. Above all, avoid popular keywords. The cost per click for a narrowly targeted keyword search can be substantially lower than for a broad search term. You could spend less money on five narrowly-targeted ads than on one ad with a popular keyword and make your site more visible to clients actively looking for lawyers with your level of experience.

Online Local Services Ads

Google unveiled a new feature not too long ago that allows companies—including law firms— to advertise locally in specific business areas. These Google Local Services ads are shown to consumers in searches even ahead of regular Google ads. Also, advertisers can pay per lead rather than per click, which can eliminate charges for fraudulent or accidental results. With Google exercising tremendous dominance in the search engine market, regular Google Ads can also be a good investment if you take a targeted approach.

Consider Social Media Options

Facebook and other social media platforms offer low-cost advertising options that can be perfect for reaching a niche market or taking advantage of a local news story related to your firm’s business. Whether you create an ad, boost a post, or just post interesting material, a regular, positive presence on social media can help you reach potential clients and maintain a favorable impression. YouTube videos can also offer great opportunities, but the cost of producing high-quality content can be greater than with other options.

Traditional Media is Sometimes the Alternative Approach

They say everything old is new again. With businesses flocking to digital media advertising, the traditional print and radio formats could allow you to stand out in the crowd. If you create a compelling image or slogan, a billboard or ad in a local magazine or other publication could leave a memorable impression. With much of their client base eroding, traditional media sources may be willing to offer substantial savings.

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