The Winning Case For Cartiga’s Consumer Legal Funding

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Lawyers presenting a winning case at trial follow the adage: “Show, don’t tell.” Following that rule, Cartiga has published articles over the past year showing the winning case for Cartiga’s consumer legal funding based on legal and economic research.

Here is a summary of what those articles show, with links to the full content and citations..

The Undisputed Benefits of Cartiga’s Consumer Legal Funding

Legal and economic research shows definitively that Cartiga’s consumer legal funding delivers compelling benefits to claimants pursuing legal claims. In short, Cartiga’s funding:

Why the Benefits of Cartiga’s Consumer Legal Funding Outweigh the Costs

Despite all these compelling benefits, critics (often aligned with insurance companies) complain about the costs of consumer funding.

The research rebuts these complaints, showing that the benefits decidedly outweigh the costs and that other available sources of money for claimants are considerably more expensive and can have very negative credit consequences.

The legal and economic experts also show that critics’ concerns are outweighed for two more reasons:

Critics finally object to the funding companies’ ultimate share of recoveries on legal claims. However, the proper calculation of the funding companies’ real share of recoveries — based on the fees accrued on funding, not on the funded amount plus the fees – shows more accurately that Cartiga’s typical share of recovery is quite reasonable.


Don’t let us tell you. Let us show you. The links above show the winning case for Cartiga’s consumer legal funding based on the legal and economic research. That research lays out why Cartiga is a trusted partner for consumer funding and why consumer legal funding can help optimize recoveries on legal claims!

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