Why SEO is Important for Personal Injury Law Firms

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While many people think investing in SEO is a waste of money for personal injury law firms, it is worth looking at various ways to use the marketing tool to your firm’s advantage in 2021.

In the online world, SEO or search engine optimization is an old term. With constantly changing patterns and platforms, it can be tempting to think that SEO is outdated and that investing in it is a waste of money for a personal injury law firm. However, good SEO strategies are constantly changing to keep pace. The upshot is that SEO is just as important as ever for personal injury law firms. Your approach to it, however, may need to change. We offer some ideas to increase your search rankings in 2021.

Pay Attention to the Technical Side

Google and other search engines monitor and measure user experience using different metrics. They have recently started measuring visual stability, loading, and interactivity —all factors that relate to the page speed. Does it load fast? Does it become interactive quickly? Is it stable while loading? When two pages have similar content, a search engine will be more likely to give a higher ranking to the one that provides a better user experience.

The Older Factors Still Matter

Keywords may seem like old news, but they are poised to become more important than ever. That’s because the majority of online searches are now “zero click” searches. With the menus, snippets, and contact information that appears right away, consumers find the info they’re seeking directly on the first page of search engine results. So if your firm does not show up on the first page, it is much harder for consumers to find you. It is worth investing some effort into finding the best keywords that provide targeted clients and put your firm on page one.

Likewise, the old adage “content is king” still remains viable. Search engines are looking for unique, authentic content. Create—or hire someone to create—fresh, original content for your firm. When you can provide answers to your clients’ questions, you are more likely to rank high in their searches.

The Cutting Edge for SEO

Here are a few factors to consider if you want to stay on top of the latest trends in SEO. First, voice searches on phones are becoming increasingly common. Voice searches tend to be detailed and specific. Voice search optimization is a new field, so experimentation with strategies is rife at the moment.

Another trend is search engine reliance on brand reputation. Investing in your firm’s reputation for expertise, authority and trust, as well as building brand awareness, can help increase search rankings.

Google and others use artificial intelligence to provide results for searchers, and now advertisers are starting to use AI to create strategies for increasing Google rankings. While these efforts may be experimental now, they might soon be available to help personal injury firms increase their visibility.

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