What’s Your Case Worth?

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It is hard to determine or discuss case worth without knowing all the details of a potential case. Every case is unique and therefore compensation varies between cases. Just as two snowflakes are never alike, two cases aren’t either. The questions that lead to a better understanding of compensation are more universal.

  • What injuries did you suffer? What medical treatment, therapy, and surgeries have you underwent? What medical treatment, therapy, and surgeries will you undergo in the future?
  • How long will it take you to recover? How much time will you miss from work?
  • How much are your unpaid medical bills?
  • Were you permanently scarred and/or disabled?
  • Were there any witness to the accident?
  • What are the opinions of medical experts?

Over the course of a personal injury case many things can occur to affect the value.  The injury may develop and improve or get worse.  Further care or surgery may be needed.  Investigation and sometimes Discovery will be directed that can unearth facts and information that will have an impact on the injury case.  Personal injury and accident laws can also change from time to time.

The law does not offer the jury any schedule or principle by which a person’s pain and suffering, disability, damage, and impairment may be measured in terms of monetary loss.  The amount is left to the sound prudence of the jury based upon the individual’s judgment and capability.  Full and complete compensation is necessary to deter future harmful conduct or issues.  If this is not established the defendant will be given a pass on the danger they caused, others will repeat it, and the public will be less safe.

The legal professional tasked with your case will focus on what monetary damages you’re entitled to by helping you answer the above questions, leading a thorough investigation, and making settlement calculations.

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