Cartiga Announces Rebrand

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LawCash, Momentum Funding, and Ardec Funding, three companies that have pioneered the legal financial services industry for over 20 years, announced their new unified brand, Cartiga.

Cartiga focuses on providing three primary legal services: plaintiff funding, attorney working capital, and risk management technology. It will deliver innovative solutions for the legal industry to help navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and optimize litigation outcomes.

“By combining these three industry leaders, our goal is to create a transformative organization that will drive change and innovation in the legal services industry through technology and personal connection,” says Cartiga CEO Charlie Platt. “Aligned now with a common vision and data-first technology strategy, Cartiga will continue to provide for the financial needs of law firms and plaintiffs across the nation while charting a new path for the litigation industry.”

Cartiga’s name reflects a long history of cartographers who have helped travelers and explorers find their way across challenging and often uncharted terrain through the practice of making maps. It represents the company’s vision to enable better decisions by providing more insightful direction for legal industry stakeholders by utilizing technology and data. Cartiga aims to pioneer the next generation of legal services through strategic partnerships and industry-leading resources to help attorneys and law firms improve their businesses and better assess risk.

About Cartiga

Cartiga combines deep legal experience and expertise to provide industry-leading products for plaintiff and attorney funding and data-driven solutions that help law firms build stronger, more profitable businesses. 


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