Consumers & Plaintiffs

Plaintiff Bill of Rights

You have the right to:

  • Legal funding that provides money to pay your personal bills, and the financial strength to reject “lowball” settlement offers by the defendant, while waiting for legal claims to resolve
  • Legal funding that ensures no obligation to repay money to Cartiga unless the legal claim is successfully resolved
  • Legal funding that only requires payment to Cartiga from the proceeds of any legal recovery
  • Legal funding that is free from any bill collectors, collection procedures, or credit rating risk
  • A simple and transparent funding process to receive appropriate funding
  • A simple and transparent legal funding agreement that sets forth in plain language:
    • the exact dollar amounts funded from Cartiga
    • any fees that Cartiga charges for processing the funding request
    • the dollar amounts to be paid to Cartiga if the claim is successful

Types of Funding We Offer:

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