Harnessing the Power of Aggregated Court Records to Predict Lawsuit Case Values

In today’s data-driven world, the legal industry is continuously seeking innovative ways to improve decision-making processes and outcomes. One such advancement involves utilizing aggregated court records to predict lawsuit case values. This groundbreaking approach has the potential to revolutionize the legal field by providing valuable insights that can inform case selection, settlement negotiations, and risk […]

How Data and AI Can Transform Your Law Practice

Data is powerful – especially when used in tandem with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that continually gather and evaluate information and provide insightful learning and predictive assessment. Together, data and AI can serve as an invaluable tool for lawyers who are constantly weighing the risks and opportunities of different cases. Instead of relying on anecdotal and remembered information, lawyers can use data and AI to make more refined judgments that benefit both the people they represent and their own business.