Cartiga’s Medical Funding Solution for the Florida Tort Reform Law

Almost one year ago, Florida enacted a tort reform law that limits the admissible evidence of medical charges that can prove recoverable damages in personal injury cases. Our assessment of that law remains the same ten months later: Using Cartiga’s medical funding to pay the charges for a client’s medical care direct to the provider […]

Why Consumer Legal Funding is NOT a Loan

Cartiga provides consumer legal funding to individuals pursuing legal claims so they can pay personal and medical bills while waiting for recovery. In exchange, Cartiga receives an ownership interest in any proceeds recovered on those claims. This funding transaction is a simple purchase and sale.  Legal claimants sell to Cartiga an ownership interest in the […]

The Risks That Justify The Costs of Consumer Legal Funding

Research shows that the costs of Cartiga’s consumer legal funding are outweighed by the significant funding benefits and that those costs are reasonable compared to alternative sources of money. Nevertheless, some ask whether the costs of funding are justified by the risks assumed by Cartiga. This article explains why the costs are well-justified. The Risk […]

The Benefits of Cartiga’s Consumer Legal Funding, Fully Explained

Legal and economic research shows that consumer legal funding offers compelling benefits to claimants pursuing legal claims. This article explains in detail why Cartiga’s funding benefits are so compelling and how these benefits create significant litigation advantages for consumers. Benefits of Liquidity Consumers benefit from funding if they need more money to pay personal or […]

Benefits of Using Consumer Legal Funding to Pay Medical Expenses

Using consumer legal funding to pay medical expenses can significantly benefit a plaintiff’s personal injury case. That funding, known as “medical funding,” will: help ensure greater recovery on claims provide admissible evidence of economic damages and pain and suffering limit attacks on the credibility of the expert medical provider testifying regarding the necessary expenses incurred […]

Consumer Funding Increases Claimants’ Recoveries in Personal Injury Cases

Our previous articles have demonstrated why the benefits of Cartiga’s consumer legal funding outweigh the true cost of funding,[i]  and how those benefits are enhanced by Cartiga’s transparency and its management of funding costs for optimal results. Just as important is the evidence that consumer legal funding increases recoveries for plaintiffs in personal injury cases. […]

Why the Benefits of Consumer Legal Funding Outweigh the Costs

Legal and economic experts agree that consumer legal funding greatly benefits individuals pursuing legal claims. This article summarizes why the benefits of Cartiga’s funding outweigh the costs and other concerns. The Top Four Benefits of Consumer Legal Funding The significant benefits of legal funding for claimants have been confirmed by numerous experts in well-researched papers […]

How to Calculate Cartiga’s Real Share of Any Settlement

At Cartiga, we want our consumer legal funding to be fully transparent. Law firms and their clients should fully understand how funding can affect the client’s recovery in any settlement and how to calculate Cartiga’s real share of any settlement. The proper calculation of Cartiga’s share of any settlement recovery is sometimes misunderstood. We occasionally […]

How to Mitigate the Risks in Consumer Legal Funding

Consumer legal funding provides money to individuals who are pursuing personal injury claims. Legal funding empowers consumers by giving them the money they need to pay their medical bills and living expenses while waiting for a recovery on their legal claims. Legal funding also “levels the playing field.” Consumers can reject “lowball” settlement offers from […]

No Sidewalk Duty of Care

A recent decision by the Florida District Court of Appeal addressed the legal duty of a business owner to maintain the City’s sidewalk outside the business’s entrance. The Court affirmed summary judgment where the plaintiff had not adequately shown the business owner’s “actual possession or control” over the sidewalk that “foreseeably created a broader’ zone […]