How to Calculate Cartiga’s Real Share of Any Settlement

At Cartiga, we want our consumer legal funding to be fully transparent. Law firms and their clients should fully understand how funding can affect the client’s recovery in any settlement and how to calculate Cartiga’s real share of any settlement. The proper calculation of Cartiga’s share of any settlement recovery is sometimes misunderstood. We occasionally […]

How to Mitigate the Risks in Consumer Legal Funding

Consumer legal funding provides money to individuals who are pursuing personal injury claims. Legal funding empowers consumers by giving them the money they need to pay their medical bills and living expenses while waiting for a recovery on their legal claims. Legal funding also “levels the playing field.” Consumers can reject “lowball” settlement offers from […]

No Sidewalk Duty of Care

A recent decision by the Florida District Court of Appeal addressed the legal duty of a business owner to maintain the City’s sidewalk outside the business’s entrance. The Court affirmed summary judgment where the plaintiff had not adequately shown the business owner’s “actual possession or control” over the sidewalk that “foreseeably created a broader’ zone […]

Cartiga Donates $100,000 to the Innocence Project

New York, Oct. 31, 2022 Cartiga has donated $100,000 to the Innocence Project and become one of its prominent corporate sponsor and an advocates. This donation will aid in the Project’s great work exonerating wrongly convicted individuals. The Innocence Project represents clients seeking post-conviction DNA testing to prove their innocence. It also consults on a […]

Disclosure of Consumer Legal Funding

In recent years, individual plaintiffs have increasingly utilized consumer legal funding (“Consumer Funding)” in connection with their personal injury claims. Consumer Funding provides money to individuals who are pursuing those claims and who need cash in the meantime to pay basic living expenses. In exchange, the funding companies receive an interest in any proceeds that […]

How A Bankruptcy Filing May Affect A Personal Injury Claim

What happens if your personal injury client files for, or has filed for, personal bankruptcy? Can you continue to represent that client? Can your client still make decisions about his or her legal claim? Does your client retain the right to proceeds from the claim? These are critical questions you will have to navigate. Federal […]