If your client would like to apply for pre-settlement funding, your client must complete our application and disclosure form. This legal funding form authorizes Cartiga to contact you about the claim so that we can begin the evaluation and underwriting process. We might ask you to provide information about the case, medical reports, emergency room reports, accidents reports, expert testimony, insurance information, information about the current status of the litigation, and any other details that would help us to make our litigation funding decision. If, after reviewing the application, Cartiga approves your client’s plaintiff lawsuit funding request, we will enter into a Funding Agreement with your client.

The Funding Agreement will set forth the amount of the lawsuit funds and the amount owed to Cartiga if the plaintiff secures a settlement or award. We will send the Funding Agreement to you for your signature so that our interests are protected. Other than providing preliminary information in the application process, providing quarterly case updates at our request, and sending Cartiga repayment before forwarding the settlement or award proceeds to your client, you will have no contact with Cartiga.